Stripe Peg Basket - Regular (holds 200 pegs)

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Handmade in Melbourne, Australia from premium quality, durable outdoor woven mesh material that is made to withstand the harsh Australian elements. Our weather-resistant and UV stabilised peg baskets will protect your pegs, prolonging their life. 

Other features:

  • designed to be left outside on the clothesline rain, wind, hail or shine
  • won't deteriorate, rot, fade or blow off the line 
  • water drains freely through the basket which means when it's washing day you have dry, clean clothes pegs
  • holds approx. 200 standard sized clothes pegs
  • the ergonomic long handle is designed for hanging off a clothesline - making access to your pegs super quick and easy from shoulder height, so there's no more awkward reaching above your head and hoping you don't end up with anything besides clothes pegs in your hand! 
  • short handle for use on laundry trolleys, clothes drying racks or low clotheslines
  • galvanised wire handle won't rust
  • guaranteed to last 10 years

Basket: 20 cm (H) x 18 cm (W) x 18 cm (D)
Short handle (drop length) - 23 cm
Long handle (drop length) - 43 cm

Due to the handmade nature of this product, the positioning of the stripes on the basket may differ slightly to that shown in the photos.

Care instructions - our peg baskets are very low maintenance and don't require any special treatment, but to keep them looking their best and to maximise their life expectancy follow these easy care tips

Customer Reviews

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I had been looking for a peg basket for a long time that was deep enough to hold my pegs and did not tip them out when I pushed the trolley to the clothesline. This one fits the bill perfectly. It looks good, very sturdy and hopefully will last a long time going on other reviews.

Bettina J
Plain light grey long handle 200-peg basket......super useful and stylish

I had always used a cane basket near the washing line for my pegs, because I hate plastic. After 15 years in the UV rays, it finally became brittle and broken. Then my boyfriend moved in last year and we used his horrible plastic peg basket, which also finally broke into pieces from the UV rays, the other week. I wanted a peg basket that looked neat, unobtrusive but with a bit of contemporary style, Australian-made, weather-proof and as natural as possible (or using the minimum amount of plastics). That's asking a lot for a humble peg basket but I think we all need to start being mindful of and avoiding environmentally-detrimental products wherever we can. This is a great, stylish and ergonomic basket. It sits at just the right height on the line, to access the pegs. I like that it has a metal handle (not plastic). From an environmental point of view, the only down-side is that the basket 'bowl' is made of a PVC mesh (so it IS a polymer) but it is created finely enough that they have not over-used this polymer (and its a generous sized basket which fits plenty of pegs easily....I got the 200 peg one). In saying that, I would still love to see a basket, under this same clever design, one day, that is made of more natural fibres, however the mesh is very nice. It dries out beautifully and instantly, after rain. I did originally order the grey striped one but rang and changed my order that same day to the light grey one. The lady was extremely helpful and it was no drama to change it. It arrived the other week and looks so nice. It is subtle and stylish. The striped one would have been a more bold, modern look, which would probably go with a more modern house than mine. I hope, due to the PVC, that I will get a good 10 years out of this basket...and then I hope it breaks down to nothing via the weather. That way I'll feel justified. But a great product. Thank you. I love it. So useful. Bettina J

Matthew .R
Exceeded expectations

This peg basket has stood up to some punishment in my very windy back yard and recent rain didn't show up any issues.
Great design and product.

Vicki Tuck
Peg Bag

Stylish and practical and great quality- I love my peg bag

Anonymous It's In The Bag Designs peg basket lover.
Love it

Purchased this for my Mum as she got dizzy bending to get to the pegs from her old 'basket' on the ground. With this one hanging from the line she doesn't get dizzy at all. She also loves the colour and design.