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The BEST Peg Basket!

about us

It’s In The Bag Designs is an Australian business that started with a peg basket many years ago! We've been selling our popular peg baskets at handmade markets all across Melbourne, Victoria and had such great feedback from our customers that we wanted to share our products to all Australians and those abroad.

Our peg baskets and hanging planters are designed to be used indoors and outdoors and last for many years. 

Our products are lovingly made by hand in Melbourne, Australia using locally sourced materials that are chosen for their functionality and durability. We aim for sustainability and ethical practice. No short cuts, no factories, just quality for longevity and practical enjoyment :)

Happy customers :)

I’m still loving my peg basket that I purchased from you several years ago at a market and it’s held up beautifully after 3 house moves!


Happy customers :)

Love the functionality and the minimalist style. Quick delivery and would definitely order again but probably won’t have to because it is so well made!


Happy customers :)

Absolutely beautiful and incredibly well made planter, shipped in great time. I couldn't be happier!


Happy customers :)

I bought one of your peg baskets as a gift a couple of years ago for a friend in the hot, sunny and very windy Canary Islands and it hasn’t weathered at all. So now I want one too!


Happy customers :)

Who knew receiving a peg holder would fill me with such happiness?! The colour is vibrant and bright, it's the perfect size to hold my stainless steel pegs, and the length is perfectly suited to hanging off a clothes line. My house is situated on a hill and we get crazy winds, and the peg bag definitely can hold on tight and stay put.
Seriously, love this bag. Thank you!!